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Remo Inc.

Ambassador® White Suede™ Drumhead

The Rebellion Drums Ambassador® White Suede™ features Remo’s proprietary texturing process that produces warm, open resonant tones. Constructed with 1-ply of 10-mil treated White Suede™ film, Ambassador® White Suede™ drumheads provide a warm attack and soft feel. Remo’s proprietary texturing process produces a textured white non-reflective look.

This head features a special sanding technique on the back of the head to provide for smooth tonal changes, and is personally treated by Matt with 3M Super 88 tape. The Rebellion Drums Ambassador® White Suede™ drumheads feature an even response across their tonal range. The White Suede™ heads feature a slightly softer attack and a bit less “boomy” a bass sound than the Black Suede™ drumheads.