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Hedwitschak Drums


Pre-Order: This is an individually hand crafted item made in Germany. Full payment is required to start production. This item will ship approximately 8 weeks from the date of purchase. There will be no additional charges.

Developed specifically for children aged 4-10, the StartHED offers an easy and playful introduction to the world of drumming and bodhrán playing. A tool-less, three-point tuning system makes the drum easy to tune, and resistant to possible tuning mistakes or to being put out of tune by accident. Although the StartHED was designed for children (with rounded edges, and without any dangerous gaps, holes, or angles), it is NOT A TOY, but a musical instrument. As the tuning screws protrude from the frame, thus permitting the sound to escape even when placed on a flat surface, the StartHED can also be used as a table drum. The StartHED is equipped with a natural drum skin specifically selected for this purpose and is guaranteed to be of European origin (traceable!). A taped edge allows for a more harmonious sound. StartHED means joy of playing right from the start… so get StartHED!

  • 20x10cm
  • 3-point-finger tuning system
  • goat skin
  • taped
  • plywood beech/poplar
  • includes specially-sized drum bag with shoulder strap and handle
  • Includes specifically developed kid´s tipper by Stevie Moises
  • This product is not a toy, but a musical instrument made and designed for the systematic musical education of children aged 4-10, for making music, and for learning bodhrán playing technique.
  • The startHED may only be used under adult supervision.
  • Damaged startHED drums must not be used due to risk of injury! 
  • The startHED drum may only be played with either the hand, or with drumsticks that are made and suitable for the child's playing technique and age. Each startHED drum is delivered with a suitable drumstick.