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Hedwitschak Drums


TrHed Beech Natural
TrHed Beech Sunburst
TrHed Walnut

Pre-Order: This is an individually hand crafted item made in Germany. Full payment is required to start production. This item will ship approximately six months from the date of purchase. There will be no additional charges.

The TrHed is, as the name suggests, a more 'traditional' bodhrán. This drum is the result of years of collaboration with Johnny 'Ringo' McDonnagh, the most well-known bodhrán player of our time and a legend in Traditional Irish Music.

'Ringo' prefers large diameter, relatively small frame and thick goat skins of old male animals, with the spine at 2/3 of the playing surface.

The TrHed has a clear role model in the sound character and the basic design: the legendary bodhráns made by Charlie Byrne. Now sadly deceased, Charlie was perhaps the first famous professional bodhrán maker. He had strong influence in the development of the bodhrán, with his drums exemplifying the 'typical bodhrán sound' heard on pivotal recordings of bands like De Dannan and Planxty.

My TrHed makes it possible for players to achieve that 'classic sound' again, but with the advantages of modern manufacturing and tuning systems.

The drum skins used on the TrHed are very rare, so delivery times can be quite long for this model. We only use thick goatskins from older, mostly male animals (ap. 7 until 20 years old) and we place the dorsal line at 2/3 of the playing area. Experienced players know that male goat skins might smell a bit 'goaty', but this just accents the rustic overall look and feel of these drums.

Instead of the usual black tape around the skin edge the TrHed uses a special transparent coating on the interior and exterior of the drumskin which works similarly to standard black tape, but removes fewer high overtones. It must be said very clearly that this drum is not for inexperienced players. In the wrong hands, it is a weapon and a session killer. In the right hands it is a fantastic instrument with a bourbon-like bass, crisp and dry attack, and an earthy, almost hypnotic overall sound.

  • 45cm diameter (18")
  • 14cm deep frame (5.6")
  • Tool-less 10-point tuning system. Smooth-running and made for low-tension-tuning. Even at low tension the adjusters will not loosen themselves.
  • Frame made of beech.
  • Special selected "Standard" goat skin. Thick quality and the spine at 2/3 of the playing area.
  • Transparent tape coating (instead of usual black tape) for more harmonic overtone behavior.
  • Only-nail skin attachment