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Hedwitschak Drums

CoreLine - Universal

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    Slim: 35 x 12 cm 1400g

    The smallest and lightest variant of the CoreLine family. Recommended for players with shorter arms, and of course, children!

    Bullet: 35 x 15 cm 1600g

    By design the CoreLine with the most compressed sound. Short, precise,and melodious sound character. Influenced by the MON/MHTF bodhrán, the ‘Bullet’ features a modern overall sound. Recommended for players who prefer the qualities of 'small-and-deep' drums.

    Universal: 37 x 14 cm 1660g

    The standard model. Not too big or too small.

    Classic: 40 x 13 cm 1660g

    The ‘Classic’ model has a larger diameter and a relatively narrow shell. It’s the CoreLine with an open, more 'traditional' sound. By design, it is a bit louder than the 'Universal' model. The drum’s skin generally comes with the dorsal line (spine of the animal) centered in the playing surface.

    XL: 40 x 15 cm 1840g

    By design the CoreLine ‘XL’ has the most volume of any drum in the CoreLine Series. We recommend the ‘XL’ for tall players and people with long arms, or for customers who just want the most powerful sound available in the Coreline! The skins on the ‘XL’ generally feature the dorsal line (spine of the animal) centered in the playing surface.

    Black: 37cm x 15cm 1840g

    “Makassar Maron” finish (IDV=italian designer veneer) inside and outside with a dark stained tuning rim. The CoreLine with ChangeHED skin holding system, that develops as you develop and can be adapted as your skills grow! Drum skins and tuning rims can be replaced and combined to match your requirements and preferences!