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About Us

In 2011, Founder Matthew Bell brought an idea to Christian Hedwitschak for a bodhrán that used interchangeable synthetic skins. No professional player had suggested this idea before, and no bodhrán maker had attempted to build a professional-level instrument using this concept. After multiple conversations and many prototypes, Christian and Matt finalized a new, unique skin holding and tuning system, and new frame construction for a bodhrán utilizing standard aluminum- collared synthetic drumheads. Matt and Christian enlisted the help of Dave Loyal and Stevie Moises, and in the spring of 2016, the Rebellion began…

Rebellion Drums

  • Rebellion Drums Bodhráns are designed to meet the needs and standards of contemporary percussionists.
  • Our flexible design can use any 14″ synthetic drumhead, allowing you to tailor your own individual sound.
  • Do you want a deep, attack-heavy sound with short sustain, like a compressed heavy metal bass drum? How about a sound that is tonally close to goatskin? Do you want to try timpani-style calfskin sound? An effects head with jingles or snares? How about a virtually silent practice head? These are all possibilities with Rebellion Drums Bodhráns!
  • The unique bayonet ring skin holding system allows incredibly fast tool-less head changes.
  • Our bodhráns are completely vegan. We use no animal products in the skin, frame, glue, or surface treatment.
  • All of our design elements work in harmony with sound being the first and foremost consideration.
  • Our bodhráns speak clearly at all dynamic levels and with any type of stick. They  present a pleasingly musical sound across the entire frequency range, without any tones that stick out from the mix.
  • The bodhráns weigh enough to feel solid, but they are light enough that traveling with them is easy.
  • The size of the bodhráns is universal. They are big enough to give power to the sound, but small enough not to be overwhelming in a session or acoustic environment.

Meet the Rebels

Matthew Bell
Founder, “Bossman”
Skin modification / product design and development/publicity

Christian Hedwitschak
Drum frame production / product design and development

Dave Loyal
Skin modification / product design and development

Stevie Moises
Frame shaping of WAVE model bodhráns / product design and development

EU Sales

EU Sales go through Rolf Wagels

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Frame construction, bayonet skin holding system, tuning system are intellectual property of Christian Hedwitschak of Hedwitschak Drums, Germany.

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