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"Matthew Bell is without doubt one of the finest players and teachers of the Bodhrán. His timing, rhythm, and percussion skills are arguably second to none. His instructional videos alone emphasize this! I’m delighted and also proud that Matt chooses to use and promote my tippers!"

Gordon Falconer, Falconwood Tippers, The Netherlands

"I’m incredibly happy with the sound, appearance, and functionality of my Rebellion Drums bodhrán. The heavy air conditioning in most theaters causes natural skins to expand and contract throughout a show, which is an issue when quick instrument changes leave no time to retune the drum. That’s not an issue with the synthetic head on this drum — I know that the drum will sound the same every time I pick it up. This is a high quality product, and I recommend it for all bodhrán players."

James Yoshizawa, L.A. based Drummer / Percussionist, Percussionist for the Broadway Musical Come From Away

"I was intrigued but having been spoiled rotten by my Hedwitschak FireBall and other Hedwitschak bodhráns. I didn’t see how I they could be improved upon. Still… a synthetic drum head. Playing outside as often as I do at pirate events, on sailing ships and such, I have a terrible time trying to keep my drum in tune."

"I really, really love it! It’s very comfortable to hold, and bending the tones has never been easier OR quicker. The tippers have somewhat of a different strike sound but it’s easily adjusted to. This looks like it will be a real workhorse for those long hours of outside Faire and session. Changing the heads is easy once you’ve done it a time or two. I truly appreciate that the knobs do not come all the way out of the drum. They rise to their highest level and just stay locked in place."

"I know that there are more people involved in Rebellion drums, but Matthew Bell and Christian Hedwitschak are folks whose skills and reputations I respect."

Bess Miller, Los Angeles

"I’ve had my Rebellion Drums WAVE Model Bodhrán for about 5 months and I have to say I really love this drum! It came with the standard Remo Skyntone head and was taped by Matt. With that head, it has a big sounding bottom and a long ring length which allows for lots of pitch work and pitch bending. I play several sessions a week in the Northern Virginia region and found that the drum was a little too boomy in large, acoustic spaces. Not to worry, Matt hooked me up with a thicker Remo Fiberskyn head which was taped a bit wider than normal. This gave the drum a shorter ring length but increased the articulation off the head. Other session players have commented on the drum’s rhythmic clarity in this configuration, so this setup is my main head for weekly sessions. I’m also playing several shows this fall with the duo “Lilt” and the Culkin LIVE dancers. These are productions on stage with sound reinforcement, so I change back to the Skyntone for these situations. My Rebellion Drums Bodhrán also my “go to” drum for any situation where temperature and humidity would impact the sound. I wouldn’t have this flexibility if I didn’t have this drum. A big thanks to Matt and his partners at Rebellion Drums for creating such a superior product!"

Jim Stickley, In-Demand Session and Studio Bodhrán Play in Washington, DC

"I originally bought my Rebellion Drums Bodhrán to have something to play for outdoor concerts when my natural- skinned bodhráns would be impossible to keep in tune. I was totally knocked out when I started to work with the drum! It’s flexible, expressive, and really fun to play! The synthetic head makes the drum’s tuning consistent, and its sound clear and melodic. The shell and tuning mechanism are well- constructed, and head changes are fast and easy. This drum can be Trad, it can be funky, and it can be experimental. I love it!"

Bruce Carver, Percussionist for Black Sails and Outlander / L.A. Studio

"I am loving my Rebellion bodhrán! It is a joy to play and the nutgrain finish is a work of art. I am very pleased with the tones I’m getting from the synthetic skin and it really is easy to quickly change drum heads. I look forward to experimenting with sounds from different drum heads down the road, but this bodhrán has already become a welcome addition to my collection."

Dean Wipperman, Des Moines, IA

"She arrived today. I'm freaking out, It is quite a thing. Gorgeous design Matt. The mechanism vanishes under the muting hand, you’d think it wasn’t there at all. The sound is immense – still trad, but unlike any bodhrán I’ve ever played – far more expanded in timbre and tone. Expect more compliments to follow…"

Derek Crawford, Chicago

"Just tried out my new rebellion bodhrán. Simply put- amazing! Incredibly responsive. Kind of like driving a sports car. I have better technique with less effort. The sound of the drum is rich and crisp. High highs. Deep lows and everything in between. Faster tipper speed with better control. The Ferrari of bodhráns!"

Fred Matney, North Carolina

"For me this is more than a rebellion. It is part of the natural evolution, the ongoing evolution of the instrument, yet still maintaining and embracing what has been. I don’t feel that this bodhrán is in opposition or defiance of tradition, but one that is seeking to open up new worlds of expression on the bodhrán and to empower the musician so that they can play the sounds that they want or need. All this is done with the simplicity of being able to use any standard drum head. This is the brilliance of the rebellion; freedom of choice! This bodhrán is made so masterfully well that it makes for changing a head so easy, pure joy! I am looking forward to forming a good bond with my new Ash Wave Rebellion bodhrán, one instrument with so much more freedom of expression. For me this bodhrán is the way to go."

Kyle Meldgaard, Australia

"My Rebellion Drums Touchstone Model has quickly become my go-to Bodhrán. Aside from holding its tuning under any conditions, it speaks with a clarity of tone from throaty lows to popping highs. The craftsmanship throughout is superb, from the gorgeous nut grain finish to the bayonet ring head change system. In short, this drum totally delivers and is really a pleasure to play. Thanks to all of you at Rebellion Drums for a job well done!"

Terry Wetmore, Key West, Florida

"I totally love my Rebellion Drums Bodhrán! It’s the perfect bodhrán for my intense touring situation with Cirque du Soleil. We’re on the road forty to forty-five weeks out of the year, with our instruments traveling from city to city in trucks that have minimal climate control. The synthetic head on my Rebellion Drum Bodhrán can withstand the extreme climate changes from one location to another that a goat skin head head cannot. More importantly though, it sounds incredible! With the option of using any standard 14” drumhead, the sonic possibilities are endless! Add that to the ability to quickly change heads without any tools, and I can be playing a totally different sounding bodhrán in just seconds."

Kit Chatham, Drummer / Percussionist and Assistant Band Leader for Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios