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Hedwitschak Drums

MOF - “Michaela’s Own Favorite”

Pre-Order: This is an individually hand-crafted item made in Germany. Full payment is required to start production. This item will ship approximately six weeks from the date of purchase. There will be no additional charges.


This model was created with and for Michaela Grüß, one of Germany´s best bodhrán players. This special model might look understated, but because of the DragonSkin Spicy drum skin the overall construction it is definitely a high end instrument. The skin used on this little drum works perfectly and offers an amazingly clear and warm sound.

It has to be said that this drum is not a drum for beginners. Also, if you are used to larger diameter drums you will have to change your playing style a bit. Less left-hand-movement is needed, and more pushing technique is required.

  • 33cm diameter (ap. 13,2")
  • 15cm deep frame (ap. 6")
  • DRAGONSkinspicy drumskin. Very homogeneous quality.
  • Tool-less, smooth-running 6-point tuning system for easy, quick and precise tuning, Tuning system integrated in inner frame. 
  • Textile covered bearing edge. 
  • Taped for more harmonic overall sound.
  • Very little left hand work necessary!
  • Super clear and defined sound.