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Rebellion Drums

Touchstone Bodhrán

Smoked Eucalyptus

The Rebellion Drums Touchstone Bodhrán sounds big and full, has excellent bass response, lots of crack on the high end, and a very fast overall response. It’s an excellent session bodhrán, but also sounds great in an amplified situation.

  • Shell Depth: 14cm (5.5″)
  • Shell Diameter: 39cm (15.35″)
  • Interior Shape: concave
  • Exterior shape: flat
  • Weight: 1880 grams
  • Standard Finishes: Nutgrain Italian Designer Veneer (all natural dyed veneers), Smoked Eucalyptus
  • Standard Skin: Rebellion Drums Skyntone® Drumhead by Remo®

 The average wait time for a pre-ordered drum will be three months.